LCBO API launched in the summer of 2009 to act as a data source for mobile phone apps, at that time there was no official iPhone application. Today LCBO API is being utilized more than ever, as of September 2014 LCBO API serves between 60,000 to 80,000 requests per day, a number that continues to grow.

The primary goal of LCBO API is to provide developers, hobbyists, and anyone who is interested with a way to take advantage of the unique benefits and data that come from having a single provider of alcoholic beverages in a large geographical area.

The API is primarily designed to provide JSON data directly to mobile and web applications, but it is also capable of returning CSV data to be used directly in a spreadsheet application, just add .csv to the end of any LCBO API endpoint.

Who’s using LCBO API

Here is a small sampling of some companies and people using LCBO API for web and mobile apps. Don’t be shy, I’d love to hear how you or your company is using LCBO API.