LCBO API Crawler Blocked (Resolved)

January 5, 2016 heycarsten

UPDATE: (Jan 6) The issue has been resolved and LCBO API is functioning normally again. A big thanks to the LCBO team!

UPDATE: (Jan 6) It appears that the blockage was NOT intentional, and the LCBO is working to resolve the issue.

On January 5th, 2016 the LCBO blocked LCBO API’s crawler from accessing LCBO websites. This means that LCBO API can not update its data.

It is still unknown whether this action was deliberate or an unintended side-effect of something else.

What is known is that for the past 7 years LCBO API has been crawling and serving a machine-readable version of it. I have attempted to get in touch with LCBO management (unsuccessfully) and have yet to be contacted by the LCBO in any way (ever). If this makes it to anyone at the LCBO, please contact me.

To the LCBO: I feel that blocking LCBO API is not a good idea, it’s not good for Ontarians and it’s not good for the LCBO. It is used heavily and is a source of goodwill and value for your corporation. I am open to any discussion you wish to have and I am happy to work with you in any way. Frankly, I’ve always wished you were fully involved!

For all of the creators of innovative applications that use LCBO API to integrate LCBO store, product, and inventory data into their products; I am sorry that this happened, hang in there though.

— Carsten

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